Online Casino: The Hotel Experience

Discover the benefits you get of free wi-fi when staying inside of India's top hotels when you visit. Legal online gambling to help fund your holiday.

Online Casino: The Hotel Experience

If you are holidaying in India, taking a little vacation, or perhaps on a business trip in Goa or Daman, then you might be interested in adding some excitement to your stay.

India is a tourist hotspot, with hundreds of fabulous hotels to stay in, you can enjoy the benefits of free Wi-Fi.

Here we discuss your potential for an all-night online casino experience. Find your casino online whilst you holiday in India and win real rupees that you can spend whilst you visit.

We present the top casinos in India that visitors and Indian players can enjoy from the comfort of their hotel room 247.

Online Casino Access

Getting access to any online casino is fairly simple. Gambling in India when online is allowed and there are near 50 to pick from. Every casino online goes through rigorous processes to make them safe and this is why sites like Unibet are fully licensed to service online gambling to players in India. This is one example of many casinos in India that all comply with India’s gambling laws.

All the top hotels in India, from the Taj Mahal Palace to the Fairmont Jaipur all provide free internet access which allows you to experience the magic of online gaming whilst you are resting in your hotel room.

There are only 21 casinos in India, and they are located in Daman, Sikkim, and Goa. If you are not booking in these locations, then joining an online casino is your only way to make money whilst on holiday.

You can sign up to play in rupees or if you are not from India, you can use any other foreign currency to play.

Entertainment that is Permitted Online

Not played online before, unsure of what real money games are available? Well, let us reveal the magic to you. Online casinos offer thousands of online games, far greater than what a traditional casino is able to provide.

In the top online casino platforms, players are able to access an array of online slot machines that are made and provided by multiple different software companies like NetEnt, Playtech, Blueprint, and Microgaming. With the slots come RNG digital table and card games. Simulated games that are also available as live table formats produced by the likes of Evolution Gaming.

Live gaming is a streaming service that allows you to watch and bet on live casino games and even communicate with the live dealer in charge of the game. This webcam entertainment is one of the more immersive experiences there are online but it’s not as in-game as sports betting gets.

Online sports betting is a far bigger industry than casinos. If you want to be part of the game, then online sports betting puts you into the heart of it. From cricket to swimming, you have all the world’s sports to pick from and in some of the best casinos online, you can watch live streams of the games to help place in-play bets to help you win more rupees.

Payment Option

If you are planning to play online, then there are some issues to be aware of, especially if you are playing with rupees.

In India, the Reserve Bank blocks payments that are linked with casinos. This is due to their own rules, but more specifically laundering of money. Now, in India, it’s a case of no questions asked and treat everyone the same. This causes serious problems to players wishing to deposit to play and withdraw when winning. Can you imagine winning a jackpot and not being able to withdraw it?

There is good news, however. Alternative payment services can be used to bypass the reserve bank’s checks, this requires that players in India open up two accounts, ideally with Skrill and Neteller. These are third-party banking services that work like PayPal.

You deposit money into these alternative payment services and from them, you transfer into your casinos.

Players visiting India with entirely different currencies are able to play as normal without any banking or payment concerns.

Extend Your Stay

If you wish to experience the land-based casinos of India, then you should extend your stay so that you can travel to the regions of Daman, Goa, and Sikkim. If you want to play the games you enjoy from your online casino in the real world, then India hosts 21 different casinos where you can experience blackjack games, roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, and slot machines.

Just some of the casinos available in India include:

  • Casino Strike
  • Casino Paradise
  • Casino Pride
  • Deltin Royale
  • Grand 7 Casino
  • Casio Deltin Denzong
  • Casino Carnival
  • Casino Palms
  • Deltin Caravela
  • Big Daddy Jetty
  • Crown Casino
  • The Zuri White Sands Resort and Casino

Recommended Casinos

There are many casinos available that we could recommend, and they all come licensed and regulated by governing bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority.

What kind of online casino would suit you, and are there any casinos in India that should be avoided?

When looking for an online casino from the comfort of your hotel, you should invest some time in researching the reviews out there with regards to what games are offered, what payment services are accepted and if they are supported by SSL security.

As this is on the internet, no platform can be considered safe, this is why sites like exist to provide independent reviews and news on licensed and legal sites within the Indian market.

Head to this comparison site to get a clearer picture of what online options you have. From their reviews, you can read about the games, the software, the accessibility, the payment services, the customer support, and bonuses.

You will find that these casinos will also support gambling addiction charities like, so they do have your interest at heart. Gambling should be fun and only enjoyed if it can be afforded.

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